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About Our Courses and Other Events

The OPCTP provides training in the ministry of Pastoral Care. We offer courses, special events, information sessions, workshops, etc. in Ottawa and out-of-town.

If you are looking for something that is not on our list, please contact us. We will tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

The Basic Training Course

The Basic Course consists of training during one afternoon or evening a week for 10 weeks. Spring and fall sessions are offered each year. The afternoon courses are offered in-person in fully accessible facilities in Ottawa. The evening courses are currently offered on Zoom to accommodate participants unable to attend in person. Out-of-town courses also take place when requested.

The training includes:

Introduction to Pastoral Care
Active Listening
Emotions 101
Spiritual Needs | Pastoral Identity
Grief Through Losses
Ministry With the Dying
The Transitioning Years
Pastoral Visiting | Use of Prayer and Scripture
Care for the Caregiver | Pastoral Care Teams
Celebrating Our Community and Our Call

A certificate will be issued at the end of the course for those who attend 8 or more of the 10 sessions.

Participation in the first two classes is a prerequisite to continuing the program. If, for some reason, you miss either of  the first two classes you will need to re-register for a future course.

Advanced Courses

At the request of many participants who have completed the Basic Course, we have developed an advanced 4-part series. This course is now offered every second year. For each Advanced Course, qualified speakers are selected to provide in-depth information on topics that will be of benefit to those who are involved in pastoral care ministry.

A certificate is issued to those who are able to attend 3 out of the 4 sessions.

Coordinators’ Event

The Coordinators’ Event is a biannual get-together for coordinators (or delegates) of Pastoral/Spiritual Care Teams of churches, long-term care facilities or retirement homes/residences and other institutions. It is an opportunity to share ideas, discuss concerns and offer tips and helpful resources. This is a 2.5 hour Saturday morning event.

Continuing Education Events

Continuing Education Events are offered every spring and fall. These events provide speakers from community organizations to provide a deeper insight into a topic related to pastoral care. These two-hour events are presented online by Zoom.

The purpose of these events is to provide people who have taken, or are currently registered in, the Basic Course with opportunities to continue to learn and to network with others involved in the ministry of pastoral care.

Up and Coming…

Please see the What’s New with the OPCTP page for the most up-to-date information and brochures for courses and events.  See the Contact Us page for information on how to contact us for further information.

Registering For a Course

To register for a course, please contact us. (See the Contact Us page.)