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Spring 2023 Courses and Events

Hello everyone,

The brochures for the courses and events being offered this upcoming fall are now available on our website.

In March, we will begin two 9-week Basic Courses in Pastoral Care. The afternoon course will be given in person and the evening class will take place on Zoom.

In April, at our Continuing Education Event, Lisa Boulay will lead a session we call Let’s Talk about Families. Come join us as we learn about what happens when a family is struggling with challenging circumstances?

For costs and information on how to register, you can find the links to the brochures in the “Up and Coming…” section of the main page of our website at

Please feel free to forward this information to anyone who may be interested. Everyone is welcome and, while we are operating on Zoom, people from outside of Ottawa are taking the opportunity to attend our courses and events.

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